Wayside Baptist Church is excited about our Teen Ministry, which we have named Ignite.  We know that today's teens are faced with many difficult situations on a daily basis.  We want to arm them with the power of prayer and the understanding of God's Word so that they can build a relationship with Jesus Christ, thus enabling them to make the right choices in life.





9:30 AM

Sunday School

A small group setting is the perfect place for Bible study, questions and answers and group discussion.  During this hour, teens learn lessons from their Bible and how to apply this knowledge to their lives.  This is the place where teens begin to build relationships within the group and many life-long friendships are begun.



7:00 - 8:30pm


Wednesday nights are exciting for Wayside teens.  Teen Power night is a low key, casual gathering that begins with a group worship and prayer time.  This forum gives teens the opportunity to share concerns that they have for themselves and others.  Teens are given the opportunity to pray for and with one another.  At Wayside, teens are learning about the power of prayer and lives are being changed because of it.

After a brief Bible study time, teens grab a snack and socialize in our game room

Wayside Teens are active throughout the year.  Some of our activities include:

Monthly Outings ("eating out", concerts, ball games, laser tag, paintball, etc.)

Valentine Banquet

Teen Camp

Lock Ins

Seasonal Parties

 Ignite Youth 
Setting the souls of our Youth ablaze through an emphasis of Bible Preaching, Bible Study, and Obedience.